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Are Public Warehouses the Best Choice? – Top 10 Reasons

Greatly reduce your overhead with public warehouses

In these trying times, everyone is looking for ways to streamline their costs in an effort to do more with less.

We at Prism Logistics distribution center California are a public warehouse company specializing in warehouse distribution management. Using us for all of yourwarehouse logistics will definitely save you and your company time and money. Here are ten ways you can experience savings/earnings on your warehousing logisticsby using our public warehouses.

Top 10 Reasons Public Warehouses Are The Best Choice

1. Our 24/7 online access allows you to check in on your inventory and make changes on the fly no matter what time of day it is. Being able to have this flexibility in how you manage your warehouse services will save you time, and in business, time is money.

2. We have four convenient public warehouses throughout Northern California allowing you to ship your products to your end customers with same-day, Just-in-Time shipping. Being able to reach a larger area more efficiently increases your overall revenue.

3. Having built our solid reputation over the past 30 years as one of the best warehousing companies in the region, we know how to efficiently manage your inventory so that you are not spending more than you have to on public warehouses.

4. Maximum Storage Space. We offer nearly one million square feet of storage space. By moving your inventory to our facilities, you gain the physical and financial benefit of public warehouses.  You can reduce the amount of physical facility you need to run your business and gain the flexibility of immediate market response without spending on those fixed capacity costs.

5. Our public warehouses are fully staffed with seasoned professionals. From our fork-lift operators to our Customer Service teams, our level of expertise will make sure you are not spending more than you need to for a California distribution center.

6. We operate the fleet of vehicles you need at our public warehouses, and contract with third parties as needed for the to and from transportation management your customers and suppliers need.  Because we work with so many customers with similar needs throughout Northern California, you benefit from our negotiated rates with these carriers.

7. We also use state of the art tracking systems in each of our public warehouses. This technology allows us to stay on top of our logistics warehouse management from the time your product comes into our warehouses to the time it leaves.

8. We have many different value-added services we offer as well such as shrink wrapping, labeling and light assembly of your products. Again, moving these day-to-day functions off-site saves you money by not having to do them yourself, or store additional materials at your facilities to complete them.

9. We have also built a solid network within the warehousing logistics community allowing us to ship outside the Northern California region at a fraction of the cost of other warehousing companies. By doing business with us, you will have access to this network which will equate to additional savings on the shipping of your products from our public warehouses to anywhere in the United States.

10. Unbridled Commitment is at the cornerstone of everything we do when managing your logistics. We will take the time to get to know you and your business and in that relationship, help you run your business as successfully as possible.

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