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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Looking at Public Warehouse Options for Your Company

Logistics Warehouse Management

Finding ways to save money in today’s economy is essential. One of the best ways to increase cost efficiency is through logistics warehouse management

When looking for a California distribution center to manage your warehouse logistics, there are a few points to consider.

  1. Savings. Cash is always king when running a business and the more of it you can keep in your pocket, the more likely you will be to succeed within your industry. By utilizing warehousing companies to store your inventory off-site, you reduce your own fixed capital and real estate needs, which will ultimately save you money.
  2. Abundant space. With four public warehouse facilities located throughout Northern California, Prism Logistics offers nearly one million square feet of storage space.  Prism’s warehouses are climate-controlled and come with a full suite of warehouse services.
  3. Experience. With over thirty years of public warehouse experience, Prism Logistics knows exactly what you need in warehouse distribution management.
  4. Same-day delivery.  Prism Logistics is known for being one of the fastest warehousing companies in California. They provide same day delivery along with a full suite of value added warehouse management services.
  5. Just-In-Time Inventory made easy. Through the state of the art technology in each of Prism’s public warehouses, tracking your inventory from order to delivery has never been easier.
  6. Value-Added Services. A number of value-added services are available, such as display set up, shrink wrapping, kitting, labeling and light assembly. These value-added services maximize efficiency in a public warehouse service.
  7. On-site Service. Each public warehouse operated by Prism Logistics has a Customer Service Leader staffed with a team of Customer Service Representatives ready to fulfill every logistical need you may have.
  8. Online Tracking. Prism Logistics offers you 24/7 online access to your inventory. This allows you to track your products throughout the entire process from anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection.
  9. Industry-leading automation. Prism’s state of the art public warehouses and warehousing logistics services enables customers to upload orders electronically to their radio-frequency (RF)-enabled warehouse management system (WMS).
  10. Commitment to Excellence. Prism continuously strives to learn your business and mirror their practices to your strategic goals. By knowing and becoming your customer, it allows us to flawlessly execute our processes. This also allows us to exceed your expectations of a public warehouse company.

Public Warehouse

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing a public warehouse. We value the opportunity to show you why we stand out from the rest of the competition within the public warehouse industry. Our commitment to excellence partnered with the level of trust we will build with you will prove we are the best in the public warehouse industry for a reason. We look forward to serving you.

For more information about Prism Logistics Warehouse and Distribution services, request a quote via the web site ( ), email us at or call (925)838-1691.  Follow Prism Logistics on Facebook at

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