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Transportation Management 15 Reasons Why You Need It

If you utilize a public warehouse or warehousing companies for your business you should understand the importance of warehouse logistics. At Prism Logistics we’ve compiled a quick, easy to read list of 15 reasons you need transportation management for your business.

15 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Transportation Management

  1. Transportation management is the last link between you and your customer. You need people who understand the importance and significance of this final link. You want a team who will work with you while treating your customers as their own.
  2. An experienced California distribution center can help keep you on track with regulatory guidelines. This can save you from unnecessary delays and paperwork. These are delays that can cost you money and can cost you customers.
  3. Using warehouse services can provide valuable services like pick and pack, product and display assembly and repackaging. These are services you may be able to take advantage of to save you time and money as well as employee costs.
  4. Utilizing an in-house fleet can maximize your abilities for same-day, just-in-time deliveries increasing inefficiency  This is particularly important for supplying manufacturing operations.
  5. Using logistics warehouse management that provides for security and door to door tracking can provide peace of mind and minimize loss. Transportation management can maintain the integrity of your in-transit inventory.
  6. Transportation management and warehouse distribution management can eliminate expensive upfront costs of establishing an in-house system, and  the time, planning and maintenance of an in-house transportation management system .
  7. Warehousing logistics that are delivered by people who are experienced and specialize in the business are less likely to make mistakes. This minimizes loss and costly errors.
  8. Transportation management services can provide outside expertise and expand your team without expanding your payroll or benefits. It becomes an asset as opposed to an expense.
  9. Links provided to call center support and website ordering processing and radio-frequency-enabled warehouse management can assure accuracy and timeliness in shipping. These can be provided by technically adept transportation management services.
  10. Warehousing management can provide public warehouses in multiple locations adding to convenience and timeliness. This again, can save time and money.
  11. Working with a transportation management service that can provide everything from pallet services to small box shipment provides for flexibility for large and small customers. Services that can work with outside vendors like FedEx and UPS can also provide value.
  12. A good transportation management service is an extension of your team and can provide valuable advice and insight.
  13. Using a full service transportation management system can minimize the amount of outside vendors you need in getting your products from manufacture to customer.
  14. Transportation management can provide value added services like display assembly, inspections and sample packaging for shipment.
  15. Experienced transportation management will have the knowledge and capabilities for intra-state, interstate and international shipping.

Prism Distribution Center California is a full service logistics and warehouse distribution service provider who teams with our clients in an effort to add efficiency to their transportation services. If you have any questions about our services please contact us or feel free to request a quote.

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