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PRISM Logistics – 2014 Fall Quarterly Newsletter

Girl Scouts

PRISM Delivers for Girl Scouts of Northern California

You’re probably seeing Girl Scouts at stores in your community and around your neighborhood taking orders and delivering the Fall Nut products. But did you know that:

For more than 15 years, PRISM Logistics has served the distribution needs of the Girl Scouts of Northern California, working with vendors to systematize receipt, tracking and reporting, and with the Girl Scout council of Northern CA to deliver millions of boxes of cookies in the Spring and nuts in the Fall, enabling troops throughout 19 Northern CA counties to flawlessly deliver to customers, reward achievements and contribute to their communities.

Read the entire case study on our website:

jere-van-puffelen-supply-chainPEOPLE: The Biggest Challenge in Logistics

Jere sat down with Supply Chain Brain’s executive editor, Bob Bowman, for a conversation about training and retaining employees, and introducing new generations into the logistics industry. The interview, conducted at the 2013 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Annual Global Conference in Denver, CO is also available in video format on

Celebrating Quality & Team Excellence – Livermore & Stockton Teams Score Perfect Quality!

We are proud to congratulate the PRISM Team Services and PDC teams in Livermore and in Stockton, CA for achieving 100% compliance on ALL performance metrics defined for Total Quality Management (TQMS) for their facilities. This is no small feat and worthy of celebration! Prism takes the word ‘TEAM’ seriously and TQMS is all about team involvement, guidance and continuous improvement of processes and policies. Not only, as Inc. points out in its Dec 2013 article, does this enhance management’s grasp of operations issues and solutions, it motivates teamwork and excellence through ownership of outcomes.

‘Total Quality Management’ (TQM) in modern businesses requires ‘participative management and continuous process improvement through team effort.

(Source: Inc. Magazine Dec. 13 article on TQMS.)

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Look for us at these upcoming events:

September 17 – Natural Products Expo East

September 21 – 2014 CSCMP Annual Conference

October 19 – 2014 APICS International Conference & Expo

Reflections from PRISM:Prism

Persons appear to us according to the light we throw upon them from our own minds.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Prism Logistics is committed to quality in all aspects of our operation,” said president Jere Van Puffelen. “We are proud of our Livermore and Stockton teams for this outstanding achievement on all measures of importance to our business and our customers’.

Jere Van Puffelen,
President & Co-Founder Prism Logistics

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