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Building Good Business, a Tradition of Growth

We are proud to serve you and our community.
– Jeremy Van Puffelen, Vice President

Distinguished Service & Leadership Award

Annual Service Award

Circle of Excellence

rom our beginnings serving growing companies in the Food & Beverage sector, we have grown to partner with local and major players alike in the Consumer Goods/Retail and Medical Device/Pharma industries. While helping our clients tackle some of their biggest problems, we’ve been able to pioneer new services along the way. Read more about our Services >

Jere Van Puffelen co-founded PRISM Logistics in 1993, with a vision to provide for his family by doing the warehouse logistics work he loved. Since then, Jere and our Leadership Team have remained steadfast in service to others and committed to setting an example of family values and ethical management. We are blessed that both our customers and the industry as a whole have noticed, honoring Jere time and again for his service, excellence, and mentorship.

Taking the Word Team Seriously

We are a diverse group of people that bring skill, passion, and sincerity to serving you. Our reputation for integrity and quality has been built and is sustained by our team’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

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