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Hayward: 510-783-8888 Perlman: 209-983-9915 Livermore: 925-583-0200 Sacramento: 916-372-3600 Modesto: 209-300-8200 Stockton Frontier: 209-323-6300


Full Spectrum Logistics Warehousing, Distribution, Transportation,  & Fulfillment Services

We began by receiving goods into our warehouse and distributing them to customer businesses, and saw similarity to the spectrum of colored lights distributed from a prism, though that single ray of light enters.

Today PRISM Logistics is a state-of-the-art provider of full spectrum logistics services for local to Fortune 50 businesses, including:


We receive, disperse, pick/pack, assemble and repackage product for customers in 4 fully automated facilities strategically located throughout the Bay Area


PRISM’s in-house fleet enables cost benefits and Same-Day, Just-in-Time deliveries to bakeries, food processors and manufacturers throughout Northern California


Intermodal and container services with easy access to rail and ports of Oakland, San Francisco and Stockton, partnerships with major carriers for national and international distriution requirements


In California, PRISM provides the link between our customers’ website and call center orders to deliveries with value added pick, pack and order fulfillment services

Manager Checking Goods On Production Line

Each of our facilities has a Customer Service leader with a team of customer service representatives (CSR)s, dedicated to the customer accounts served in that facility

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