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How PRISM Logistics supports distribution of the General Mills’ flour products enterprise


General Mills supplies millions of pounds of flour products to customers across Northern California and the Bay Area. For more than a decade, PRISM Logistics has been an integral part of the General Mills supply chain. Anchored by facility operations in Hayward, CA, PRISM’s value-added services are viewed by General Mills as an extension of their own business. After receiving flour from 10+ General Mills facilities, they inspect the product for safety, quality, and freshness. From there, PRISM orchestrates distribution to corner bakeries, large chains, and even other General Mills facilities, enabling local residents to enjoy fresh baked goods with their coffee drinks, soup, or salad every day!

“PRISM is the last point of contact for us. They put our product on those trucks and are the last ones to touch it. PRISM is essentially me.”

Dave Katzke
Senior Technology Manager
General Mills

General Mills has four divisions, including Convenience & Food Service which constituted 12% of the company’s $15.6 Billion net sales in fiscal year 2017. Flour, one of nine product categories, includes over 60 products organized by eight types including All-Purpose, Durum & Semolina, Hard Spring Wheat, and Organic.


General Mills’ faces steep competition in this market making service, technology, customer experience, and value paramount to differentiation. An interview with Dave Katzke, Senior Technology Manager at General Mills, revealed the following insights about the partnership with PRISM:


General Mills entrusts PRISM with the care of a broad portfolio of products. Although PRISM constantly receives superior scores for food quality and safety (AIB), they continue to audit themselves to maintain those high standards


PRISM’s in-house software system, custom to their business model, offers robust reporting including track-and-trace. This is key as food safety regulations intensify. PRISM continues to evolve and invest in their systems, keeping them state of the art.

Personal Attention.

It is PRISM’s personal attention to their customers that makes the difference. “A lot of companies can run forklifts, buildings, and trucks”, says Katzke, “PRISM’s differentiation is how they get it done. For General Mills, PRISM is last point of contact, placing the products on trucks for transfer to the customers – last one to touch it.”

“Any company can run forklifts, buildings, and trucks. PRISM’s differentiation is how they get it done.”

Dave Katzke
Senior Technology Manager
General Mills

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