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Scott’s Goldilocks Story – Finding the Right 3PL in Northern California



Says Scott Zalkind, Hot Sauce Guy and Founder of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce,

“I went through my own Goldilocks story trying to find the right third party logistics provider for my business: looked at some that were too small and really expensive, others that were too big but really cheap; It’s tough for a start-up with 12-15 pallets who likes to maintain lean inventory to find that ‘just right’ provider that meets the service needs and fits the budget.”

They run an FDA approved operation and facility, food grade with Superior Quality processes and annual auditing.  Top notch.


Prism is my Warehouse – Economic Benefits & Technology Are Key

Prism is my warehouse. Every time I’ve interacted with them it’s been phenomenal, and there’s economic value in the discounts Prism secures for me with their multi-client volume.  

For my business, PRISM is not JUST a warehouse, but they serve as my fulfillment center basically.  I love that they provide me with remote monitoring 24/7 access to my inventory – pretty cool and seamless. And there’s a huge time savings for me (vs. counting cases on pallets in the warehouse while trying to sell product), which has real value to me.

Working with PRISM is night and day different from what I had before.  PRISM seems invested in my success and is a strategic partner for my business.  

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce proudly supports California farmers & local businesses.

Nationwide Distribution

All natural, tasty Hot Sauce was a hobby for Scott Zalkind, Hot Sauce Guy & Founder, Lucky Dog Hot Sauce. Since 2005, he’s gone from developing recipes in his kitchen & back yard grill to launching a small business in response to aggressive demand – to a retail product marketed all over the US.




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