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Hormel And PRISM Logistics Raise Love For Maui – With T-Shirt Fundraiser And 260,000 Cans Of SPAM!

Hormel and PRISM Logistics Raise Love for Maui – with T-Shirt Fundraiser and 260,000 Cans of SPAM!

The Maui fires of August 2023 have been termed Hawaii’s deadliest disaster. In the wake of such a devastating death toll and destruction, the residents of Maui face the arduous task of rebuilding their lives and homes.

They need all the help they can get, and fortunately, Hormel Foods Corp has risen to the challenge by donating its most popular product in Hawaii. Hawaii has long supported Hormel by being the number one state consumer of Spam.

The Spam manufacturer is giving back to Hawaii’s affected communities by donating truckloads of Spam (over 260,000 cans). Not only that, but they also launched a ‘Spam Brand Loves Maui’ T-shirt campaign.

Trusted 3PL logistics partner for Hormel for many years, Northern California’s PRISM Logistics and its founder and chairman, Jere Van Puffelen, did not hesitate to support this noble cause.


Hormel Foods has focused a great deal of its relief efforts on its Spam product to help the victims of Hawaii’s firestorms. According to Hormel, the people of Hawaii alone consume a whopping seven million Spam products each year.

Spam became a part of the traditional local culture after its introduction as luncheon meat by GIs stationed at Pearl Harbour. The products became a hit, and now there’s even a National Spam Musubi Day. Hawaiians love Spam Musubi aka Spam Sushi, and they also have various uses for this versatile canned food, including as part of fried rice and egg dishes, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Featured extensively in Hawaiian cuisine and local culture, what makes Spam even more special is that the canned food has a long shelf-life and doesn’t need refrigeration. So, it’s the perfect addition to the local food bank.

As the number one supporter of the Spam brand, it makes sense that the community in Hawaii is getting some love back from Hormel during this most pressing time of need.

As the victims of the Hawaii Firestorm recover, they’ll need more than their favorite comfort foods. That’s where the Aloha United Way Maui Fire Relief Fund comes in. 100% of proceeds from this fund are being used to address the Maui communities’ most urgent needs. In addition, 100% of the proceeds from ‘Spam Brand Loves Maui’ T-shirts designed by Hormel will be donated to this relief effort.

For Hormel, designing a ‘Spam Brand Loves Maui’ T-shirt is the perfect way to represent a long-standing relationship that spans decades between the manufacturer of Spam and Hawaii.

If you want to be part of this relief movement, you can donate by purchasing a ‘Spam Brand Loves Maui’ T-shirt as a way to let Maui know that it is not alone in the fight.

Northern California’s PRISM Logistics Stands With Maui

PRISM Logistics ‘Spam Brand Loves Maui’ T-shirts for its team to contribute to the Aloha United Way Maui Fire Relief Fund in solidarity with the people of Maui.

“This was a quick response to the call for aid to support individuals and families affected by the firestorm. Many people have lost their homes and livelihoods. In the aftermath of the fire, it’s imperative to mobilize funds to address immediate emergency issues, such as food, healthcare, and shelter.” said Van Puffelen.

PRISM Logistics is the leading third-party logistics provider (3PL) in Northern California. Along with providing premium food warehousing and transportation services, one of PRISM Logistics’ missions has always been to contribute its resources to those engaged in humanitarian endeavors. Team PRISM operates seven strategically located facilities, from Oakland/Hayward in the San Francisco Bay Area, to Sacramento, and the Central Valley (Lathrop, plus four in Stockton).

The Northern California warehouse logistics provider is proud to have served Hormel’s warehouse logistics needs for many years and applauds the good work being done by Hormel. The 3PL warehousing leader is grateful for the opportunity to support the relief efforts in Maui, not only through donations but also by raising awareness.

“These T-shirts communicate a message that resonates with the residents of Hawaii. The victims of the Maui fires will appreciate getting the help they need while knowing they’re also receiving a lot of love and support from businesses and individuals around them.” said Van Puffelen.

With Spam being a part of Hawaii’s unique heritage and history, team members of the PRISM Logistics family are thrilled to wear the SPAM Brand Loves Maui t-shirt to encourage those who want to support the cause to also make a donation.

These T-shirts are helping spread visibility to the crisis in Maui, so the people there can get every helping hand available. The estimated cost to rebuild is in the billions of dollars, and every cent from every T-shirt counts.

We’re with you, Maui! Click here to contribute.


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