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The food and beverage supply chain is vital to human life and well-being. Accordingly, food and beverage logistics has become a fast-paced multi-billion-dollar industry continuously reshaped by the needs of people.

With focused investments, continuous learning and by “creating a culture of yes,” PRISM has become a leading warehouse logistics partner for companies both large and small in the Food & Beverage business sector.


PRISM Logistics works in close partnership with Fortune 500 food and beverage brands and their first and second tier extended supply chain partners. Suppliers of everything from ingredients to packaging depend on Prism to pick up, process and efficiently handle today’s requirements while preparing for tomorrow’s anticipated service needs.

Food And Beverage Service Stockton 1
Food And Beverage Service Stockton 1
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Food And Beverage Service 1

We offer a wide range of services customized to customer’s needs including:

  • Managing a call center to take online orders from retail partners
  • Streamlined processing from order to fulfillment
  • Picking food items and beverage products from inventory, testing, sequencing, kitting or assembly for in-store displays
  • Shrink-wrapping cartons and pallets to big box floors
  • Sequencing and preparation of organic food ingredients for direct delivery to production lines and bakeries
  • Direct door delivery to consumers throughout Northern California and the US West Coast.


Food safety comes first. PRISM invests in the development of our people, who complete training on what it takes to operate a clean and safe food logistics company. Maintaining the integrity of food products requires proper storage, separation from allergens and identifying mutually- compatible foods. We take every step to avoid and eliminate the potential for cross contamination. All food and food handling areas are cleaned thoroughly and repetitively. Organic and non-organic foods are managed in distinctly separate areas.

Cleaning and Movement Tracking

We keep a thorough and clear record of all products moving through the warehouse. This helps monitor the use of resources and keep an organized space. Tracking everything that goes on within the warehouse is a great asset to efficiency and cleanliness, including keeping a record of cleaning schedules and equipment fixes to stay on top of basic maintenance. We also keep inspection logs for all incoming and outgoing product loads to monitor quality and accuracy.

Supply Chain Risk Mitigation

Anticipating potential challenges is what sets great 3PLS apart.

Our warehouse operating teams are trained to minimize risk and anticipate issues before they arise. When dealing with foods, the checklist is long and rigorous. Seemingly ‘small’ things can be high impact. With the experience of decades in service to food logistics customers PRISM anticipates problems and proactively prevents them.

  • We use only non-breakable light bulbs. This keeps glass from breaking and falling into food products and containers. It also helps protect staff in the event of unintentional impact with a bulb.
  • We take precautions against any and all pests, having regular inspections and using food-safe methods to avoid intrusions.

When challenges arise, we are open, honest and work with our customers to solve problems, address challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

Warehouse Logistics Innovation

PRISM Logistics is an innovator, mentor and leader in warehouse logistics.  We innovate to improve our own efficiency and business operation and to better serve our customers’ ability to grow and respond to their customers and markets. We were among the first 3PLs, decades ago, to go paperless.  And we constantly update and enhance our technology (WMS, TMS), services, equipment and team skills.

Together with leading companies headquartered in the SF Bay Area, PRISM has pioneered new services atop these service basics and the traditional array of 3PL warehouse logistics services. Team PRISM operates as an order-taking call center for a leading Food and Beverage brand, with immediate transfer of order information to logistics operations personnel for seamless handling.

Sustainability: The Right Thing AND Good Business

PRISM is committed to sustainable practices in our own operations, and we partner with customer companies that share our values. Together we create more sustainable communities around the world, inspire our own teams of dedicated employees, create great products and feed humanity.

Here is one of the great partners we’re proud to serve:


“PRISM is very responsive. They respond to every request and rise to each occasion with honesty and integrity.”
Dannielle Oviedo, Director of Fulfillment Operations

“We celebrate PRISM Logistics as key partner, activated ally and also a contributor to the causes we believe in”

– President of Numi Tea, Brian Durkee

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24/7 Security and Visibility with Remote Access

PRISM was one of the first warehousing operations to go ‘paperless,’ investing in systems that serve the stringent monitoring and reporting requirements of leading food logistics companies. Our secure inventory management, supported by 24/7 visibility to order and shipment information is accessible remotely when needed.

Our customer portal enables constant view of product orders and delivery status in real-time.  As soon as a product enters one of our Prism warehouses, we scan it for entry into the customer portal.  And again at every ‘touch point.’ From there, customers can remotely view the status of products and manage inventory with tracking by serial number and lot control. Real-time inventory visibility sets customer minds at ease.


Team PRISM is extensively trained, always learning and improving to ensure top quality for evolving food companies’ logistics requirements. Each facility meets ISO:9001 requirements for processes and quality standards, which is important to delivering efficient, quality service to any industry. But to serve the world’s leading businesses and food and beverage brands, cleanliness is next to Godliness and essential to product quality and brand identity. “Certified organic means safety and essential quality, product security and brand protection for the Fair Trade and organic foods companies and businesses PRISM Logistics serves.

Since 1919, AIB International has set the industry standard for food supply chain safety by conducting rigorous inspections and audits of food producers worldwide. In our 20+ years in business, PRISM Logistics has consistently achieved a Superior rating from AIB International.

Registered as an organic food logistics provider in the state of California, PRISM facilities are additionally certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI) and comply or exceed the stringent requirements of the most demanding food brands.

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