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Consumer Packaged Goods

Because Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) businesses and brands operate with thin and shrinking margins, PRISM Logistics is keenly focused on controlling costs of operation and streamlining logistics processes for optimal efficiency. CPG companies large and small count on PRISM, to think outside the box and continuously innovate to deliver cost efficiency in tandem with top quality service responsiveness.


The lower real estate and operations costs of California’s Central Valley region, have figured prominently into those partnership successes in recent years. PRISM now operates 2.3 Million square feet of warehouse capacity, strategically located throughout Northern California, 1.9 million of which is located on our Stockton, CA campus and another 750,000 in nearby Lathrop, CA, both preferred locations for the CPG sector.

“The lower cost of real estate in California’s Central Valley is particularly attractive for our growing Consumer Product Goods (CPG) customers. And we’re happy to invest in controlled, steady growth to support their success.”

Jeremy Van Puffelen
Vice President of Business Development
PRISM Logistics


Runway Drive
1030 Runway Drive
Stockton, CA 95206


Frontier Way
4686 Frontier Way
Stockton, CA 95215


Perlman Drive
3656 Perlman Drive
Stockton, CA 95206

Screen Shot 2018-12-27 at 9.38.26 AM

Perlman Drive
3535 Perlman Drive
Stockton, CA 95206


18284 S. Harlan Road
Lathrop, CA 95330


1961 Stearman Avenue
Hayward, CA 94545


1675 Overland Court
West Sacramento, CA 95691


Count on Team Prism to maintain ISO:9001 quality standards, with continuous training and development of people and processes for optimal efficiency in a demanding field.


With PRISM facilities at full capacity through the 2020 crisis, PRISM has served customers shipping the foods, beverages, cleaning supplies and medicines we’re seeing on the shelves at our favorite grocery stores, as well as equipment to hospitals and packaged goods and cleaning supplies throughout the western US.

Founder Jere Van Puffelen has always said the janitor is as important as the owner on our team. But 2020 compelled even more rigorous practices to ensure safety and cleanliness. We now have dedicated personnel cleaning, disinfecting facilities and beginning again immediately on completion. All day. Every day.

Defining Optimal Inventory Level

Longer term, the impacts of the ‘great toilet paper shortage’ of March 2020 may well dictate adjustments to this industry’s definition of ‘optimal’ inventory levels. This sector, which has prized cost-cutting efficiency as the watchword, with just-in-time deliveries direct to production and minimal inventory in constant movement, is now grappling with the rippling shockwaves of product outages and inventory stockouts. As requirements shift, PRISM responds.

All supported by 24/7 visibility to order and shipment information, accessible remotely when needed. Prism has run a paperless operation for decades and invests in systems that service the stringent monitoring and reporting requirements of CPG companies.

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