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A State-of-the-Art Home for Your Demanding Supply Chain

PRISM Logistics began in 1993 in a small facility with only three employees.We gained our footing by pioneering services in partnership with a Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) food and beverage industry leader that we continue to serve and grow with, through logistics collaboration and supply chain innovation. 

Today operating over 2 million square feet of food-grade, top quality, highly secure warehouse capacity, Prism Logistics is at the top of its warehouse logistics field. The leading 3PL in Northern California, PRISM provides a spectrum of services from order taking and inventory management, local, regional, national and international transportation management to ecommerce packaging and order fulfillment directly to consumer homes. Offering you experience, expertise, and quality.


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We appreciate your interest in our services and we are pleased to provide you with a competitive quote for your Warehousing and Logistics needs.

Each of our facilities is strictly monitored and held to the highest of industry standards: ISO 9001 compliant, AIB certified food grade and Organic and Pharmaceutical certified. In addition to continuous improvement effort managed by our top-notch logistics professionals, Team PRISM works with independent, external organizations to ensure your experience with us will be of the highest caliber.

We support our customers through investment in proven technology, equipment, and continuous development of the people and processes that are together ‘Prism Team Services.’ Our commitment to excellence sets Prism Logistics apart from other 3PL providers.  Each of us is dedicated to quality, service and truly excellent logistics practices. Together with our customers, we are proud to build good business.


The Best Place for your Inventory

Warehouse logistics is our core offering:  we receive, store, and ship product for our customers from a network of secure and automated modern facilities strategically located across Northern California with easy access to ports, highways, railhead and major markets. All of our 2,300,000 square feet is AIB certified as food grade, ABC licensed, ISO 90001 compliant, and Organic and Pharmaceutical certified to support even the most demanding food and beverage company supply chains. From any one of our facilities or distribution centers, Prism Logistics can ‘break,’ sort, pick, test, pack, re-pack, or custom package and sequence for your retail or consumer delivery needs.  We will work with you to customize a service package based on your particular company and customer needs.

This includes, but is certainly not limited to: Break Bulk, Customer Service, Display Assembly, Inspection & Testing, Kitting, Order Picking, Packaging & Labeling, Transloading. Let us track, monitor, move, manage, and report on your cases, cartons, pallets, and loads!


Your Fast Track to Major Metropolitan Markets

Our central location allows us to tap into Northern California’s impressive transportation infrastructure including rail hubs, extensive highways and interstates, and three sea ports (Oakland, Stockton, San Francisco). Whether it’s getting branded products on store shelves or medical equipment needed to the surgery room, this means speed for your demanding customers in major metropolitan markets. We can support a host of domestic and international distribution needs, including but not limited to: Consolidation / Deconsolidation, Import / Export, Inbound Vendor Programs, Intermodal Service, Pool Shipments Route & Load Planning, Track & Trace.

Let us curate an optimal blend of warehouse logistics and distribution solutions that deliver revenue to your bottom line faster!


It’s your choice: our fleet or partner carriers

We operate a fleet of box trucks, three-axle tractors, and trailers for delivery throughout Northern California. In addition to enabling tighter control over service, our fleet can save you time and money. Warehouse Logistics customers are eligible for a discounted rate schedule and commodity discounts are available based on monthly shipment volumes. Prefer using a partner carrier instead? No problem. We work with all major freight carriers and can even introduce you to a few new ones. Whether your shipment is in our hands or theirs, we will provide comprehensive visibility.


When You're Looking for that Something Special

Each of our locations is home to a team of customer service representatives (CSR)s that are dedicated to the accounts served by that facility. Even in our paperless and fully automated environments, a hands-on presence and on-site availability is of paramount importance in delivering excellence. When there is a special need or unusual requirement, the customer service team can take care of it.


We Invest in Your Competitive Advantage

Technology is constantly evolving and improving. We keep up, and continually evaluate system investment opportunities and whether they make sense for our business and for yours. This balanced approach of investing in the right technology at the right time for the right reasons has created leading-edge efficiency and effectiveness for the high-value supply chains we support.


Your Fast Track to Major Metropolitan Markets

PRISM logistics leads the industry in fulfillment technology, implementing innovative solutions to create more efficient business. Providing quality support and service for customers from order to cash, we’ve deployed a leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) for delivering optimal and efficient handling of client needs, whether for a small Silicon Valley startup or iconic Global Fortune 100 company. From programming and material handling technology to evolving processes, safety protocols and continuously more efficient workflows, we continue to invest, learn and grow to meet the ever-changing demands presented to your business by online orders, ecommerce logistics, direct-to-consumer shipping and the omni-channel retail landscape.

Our professional logistics team ensures the right goods reach the right customer at the right time. As eCommerce businesses continue to develop, they require partnerships that can grow and expand to meet their needs. Prism Logistics adjusts quickly to support accelerated growth, deploying state of the art technology for optimal accuracy and reporting to customers in real-time. (And for many, enabling remote access to vital data if and as needed).

Industries We Serve


Food & Beverage

Not only are we well-versed and experienced in the proper care of food-grade items, but each PRISM facility is independently inspected and certified in cooperation with the likes of AIB International, FDA, USDA, Quality Assurance International, and the California State ABC. In partnership with PRISM, your company benefits from insights gained in more than a quarter of a century of service for this highly dynamic and continuously evolving industry.  And the strong relationships with suppliers, partners, and collaborators smoothing the path to top-caliber logistics solutions.

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Consumer Goods & Retail

Our constant investment in technology, including state-of-the-art WMS and RF enhanced processes, allows us to increase your inventory turns and enhance your access to information. This allows you to be first to market, more responsive to consumer wants, and increase product revenue all with complete visibility in a highly demanding supply chain.

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Medical Device & Pharma

Proper control of medical and pharmaceutical inventories requires lot control visibility. Our WMS and inventory management system provide real-time information on both inventory shipments and inventory on hand. We invite you to leverage our expertise in this highly regulated industry, as endorsed by the California State Board of Pharmacy. We measure our performance by your success with consumers, patients, distributors, and retailers! 

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