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Northern California Warehouse Logistics Network

The Preferred Warehouse for CPG and Food and Beverage Brands

Prism Logistics was founded on operating the best warehouses in northern California. We receive, store and ship products taking advantage of our direct rail access and strategic proximity to I-5 and I-580 in the center of the West Coast.

Our warehouses are AIB superior rated, state and QAI audited for organic food, ABC licensed, and pharmaceutical certified. We take extra care to ensure we are able to meet the stringent needs of our food and beverage customers.

Also, check out our Value-Add services to see how our northern California warehousing and distribution centers can support your needs.

Warehouse Logistics Services

When deciding who to partner with for your northern California 3PL needs, Food and Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods companies look to Prism Logistics to support them in many ways. Some of the most common requests involve these central services.

Are you looking for something not on the list below? Chances are we can help you. Fill out a rate request with the details and we will get in touch!

Break Bulk

Whether you have crates, boxes, drums, bags, or barrels, Prism Logistics’ northern California warehouses are able to help you manage your cargo.

Inspection & Testing

We are able to handle organic foods, pharmaceuticals, and other high-compliance inventories.


Whether managing trucks, trains or preparing for the shipyard, we can cross-dock your inventory and keep it moving without delay. Our direct rail access and fleet of trucks ensure your products reach their destination safely and on time.

Let us track, monitor, move, manage, and report on your cases, cartons, pallets, and loads!

Warehouse Value-Add Services

Northern California Warehouse solutions for every need

Customer Service rep for each Prism client Customer Service

Each of our locations is home to a team of customer service representatives (CSR)s that are dedicated to the accounts served by that facility. Even in our paperless and fully automated environments, a hands-on presence and on-site availability is of paramount importance in delivering excellence. When there is a special need or unusual requirement, the customer service team can take care of it.

Display Assembly

Food and beverage and consumer packaged goods companies frequently need end cap and specialty displays. Our experienced team is well equipped to handle simple or complex display assemblies.


Customized multi-item, single-SKU kits can be handled by our experienced team. Whether you have a handful or dozens of SKUs to manage, our team can ensure your shipments go out accurately packed and on time.

Order Fulfillment

Whether you’re operating a B2B or B2C network, we can support your call center and website order processing needs. Your orders will be electronically uploaded to our radio-frequency (RF)-enabled warehouse management system (WMS), assuring inventory accuracy, control, and timely processing — all critical to support an effective sales program.

Pick & Pack

Our team uses advanced technology to ensure you get the right products to the right place – fast. We specialize in high-velocity case picking, small package shipping with UPS and FedEx, and pallet, slip sheet, roll clamp and box clamp loads. You’ll receive electronic shipment confirmation files with tracking numbers to maintain visibility of your shipments through final delivery.

Packaging & Labeling

Each of our northern California warehouses is equipped to manage packaging and labeling needs of any size.

Shrink Wrapping

Whether standard pallets or specialized setups, we can shrink wrap and protect your inventory as it gets distributed across northern California, southern California, or beyond.

Even the Kitchen Sink

Don’t see the exact term you’re looking for? Don’t worry. Just give us a shout to discuss why we’re the right partner for you!

West Coast Warehouse Logistics Success Story!

Says Scott Zalkind, Hot Sauce Guy and Founder of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce,

“I went through my own Goldilocks story trying to find the right third party logistics provider for my business: looked at some that were too small and really expensive, others that were too big but really cheap; It’s tough for a start-up with 12-15 pallets who likes to maintain lean inventory to find that ‘just right’ provider that meets the service needs and fits the budget.”

They run an FDA approved operation and facility, food grade with Superior Quality processes and annual auditing.  Top notch.

Read full case study >

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