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Food Logistics Certifications

Food Logistics Certifications

Food warehousing companies require several certifications to operate. State and local certifications vary, while federal certifications offer a universal standard. Taken together, these certifications help ensure satisfactory food safety standards throughout the supply chain.

While every warehouse logistics company has different certifications to apply for, arguably the most crucial pertain to food logistics.

FDA Registration

Before any food warehousing company can begin its operations, they need to register with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The responsibility to register rests solely on the owner or managing members of the logistics company.

Upon registration, the FDA will provide a registration number. Many business and tax forms require this registration number. Certain particular or careful customers may also ask for a registration number prior to forming a business relationship.

AIB Audit

AIB International audits and certifies food manufacturers and distributors. Their business goal aims to improve the quality and safety of food production and distribution. Membership with AIB International helps gain consumer trust by sharing its extensive knowledge and expertise.

With certifications ranging from food allergies to environmental impact, AIB gives credit to the hard work of its 3PL members. In addition to providing these certifications, AIB performs audits to ensure the practice of proper procedures. [certification of food allergy? Rework needed here… don’t they provide the service of an audit, inspections and testing?

Their audit score rates third-party logistics companies on all aspects of their operations to ensure safety and efficiency. Scores range from 1-1000, with 1000 being the highest score possible. Organizations should strive for the superior level with a score of at least 900.

These audits help highlight current good practices and areas for improvement.

For more than 20 years, Prism Logistics has held an AIB audit rating between 930 and 985. These consistently superior ratings help us earn the trust of our clients and business associates.

State Certifications

Many states have individual organic food certifications. For instance, the State of California requires that food handlers register through the California Department of Food and Agriculture in order to obtain organic certification.

Consumers value and take the guarantee of organic food very seriously. While every third-party logistics organization planning to handle organic food should register for state-level certification, many fail to do so. The process can be long and cumbersome, and requires ongoing inspections. That being said, those dealing in organic foods would be well served to limit their list of potential 3PL partners to operators who have achieved and maintained state-level certifications.

In addition to state-level certification, Quality Assurance International (QAI) plays a role in ensuring organic food remains as such. QAI performs several audits which focus on the varying procedures of each 3PL provider. They focus primarily on making sure that the provider does not affect the organic nature of products.

For instance, QAI investigates the use of pesticides within a food logistics warehouse. Using the wrong kinds of pesticides on organic products negates their status as organic. Prism Logistics proactively protects organic products by using organic-based pesticides permitted by Quality Assurance International. This serves to reduce waste while maintaining its status as organic through the entire supply chain.

With a growing organic food market, logistics providers must take the necessary steps to gain the trust of retailers. Organic certifications help build this trust into a mutually beneficial relationship.

These are just a few examples of certifications needed by any third-party logistics company. Browse our website for more information on certifications, operations, and distribution. Prism Logistics is your one-stop-shop for warehousing logistics, distribution and innovative logistics technology. Ready to work with us? Request a quote today! We’ll be happy to help.

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