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PRISM & Numi Organic Tea: Active Allies ‘Helping Communities Thrive’

PRISM Logistics is proud to partner as an ‘Activated Ally’ with Numi with whom we share a vision for a better world, and core values that govern our business relationships. We congratulate Numi on its 20th anniversary and its extensive efforts ‘helping communities thrive,’ locally and abroad.

“We celebrate Prism Logistics as a Key Partner, Activated Ally and also a contributor to the causes we believe in.”

President of Numi Tea, Brian Durkee


As Numi Tea’s exclusive logistics partner, PRISM has grown alongside Numi, particularly in recent years, pioneering and expanding our services, delivering product and packaging innovation, securing organic facilities operation certification and always upholding shared values. PRISM and Numi share a vision for a better world, helping communities thrive, investing in the local community, supporting the growth of our people and providing access to vital resources where they are most needed.

September 27, 2019 Numi Gala Celebrates 20 years of ‘Activating Purpose’

The Gala celebrates 20 years of Numi Organic Tea, one of the largest premium organic and Fair-Trade tea companies in North America.

In addition to offering a wide variety of products, herbs and teas, Numi Organic Tea is dedicated to supporting the farmers, families and communities that make its work possible. Working to transform the natural food and beverage space, Numi Organic Tea creates positive social and environmental impacts, focusing on sustainability and sourcing within communities to give people the fuel they need to flourish.

That commitment to helping communities thrive has become a global initiative, Numi Foundation, nurturing and empowering communities to thrive though ongoing campaigns: Together for H2OPE, the NUMI Curriculum and its Iraq Summer School program. Each of these initiatives seeks to accomplish the greatest fulfillment of local potential through projects that nourish communities, providing the tools and information for people to thrive.


Numi Foundation sources its tea from local farming communities, providing farming families and communities all over the globe the resources they need to thrive. Rather than donate to charities, NUMI practices ‘insetting,’ investing in communities in countries like India and Madagascar. Numi sources its goods within communities, helping them become fair trade and organic certified.

Example: Numi has purchased about 120 tons of turmeric in Madagascar.

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Numi Foundation Campaigns Helping Communities Thrive

Together for H2OPE

Bringing clean, safe drinking water to more than 10,000 farmers and families, investing in local infrastructure, building wells and providing resources to countries like India, Madagascar and South Africa.

NUMI Curriculum

Working with professional curriculum developers to bring, ‘nature, artistic expression, and social awareness to children in grades K-6.’ Focusing on low-income inner-city schools, this gardening program includes funding for field trips to local organic farms as well as stipends for instructors.

Iraq Summer School

A program to help prevent young orphans and war victims from falling behind in school or dropping out; the curriculum includes math, science, English and art.

Shared Vision & Values

The executive team at PRISM Logistics are kindred spirits with Numi and proud to ally with this great company. It’s incumbent on all of us to do what we can for those in need, and contribute to programs and entities like Numi Foundation, that make a real difference for people and communities. “Being good at what you do – warehouse logistics, order taking and delivery to consumers for example – is important. But sharing values makes for a lasting relationship that can strengthen and grow over time, regardless of business ups and downs,” said Jeremy Van Puffelen, VP Business development for PRISM Logistics. PRISM’s work with Rise Against Hunger, which is committed to ending hunger in the world, American Aid Logistics Network (ALAN) which gets materials and foodstuffs where and when people need them such as assisting Northern California citizens impacted by wildfires, is evidence of shared values that matter. Beyond the SF Bay Area where both companies are headquartered, PRISM supports Abundant Life Ministries in Uganda, bringing children into a safe zone for creative thinking, some fun and learning basics of teamwork and the possibilities of achievement. We’re looking forward to many years more, building good business together and doing what we can to make the world a better place.

Abundant Life Ministries Uganda

Providing youth with a safe environment to learn and grow with hope for a bright future. ALMU offers access to food, leadership trainings and sex education to children from 7 to 20 years old. Founded in 2011 by Kindri Van Puffelen, an alumnus of Auburn University’s school of Nursing in Alabama, ALMU has run six camps focusing on team building, future planning and spiritual enrichment, graduating 317 children from eight different organizations. ALMU continues to expand outreach and inspire kids to look forward to the future.

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