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How a Prism Visually Illustrates Warehouse Distribution Management!

Prism Visually Illustrates Warehouse Distribution Management

Just as a beautiful array of lights are dispersed when a white light is shown through a prism, so too is an effective conglomeration of warehouse distribution management seen when managed by Prism Logistics distribution center California.

Prism Logistics specializes in warehouse services, and has exceeded their customer’s expectations for over 30 years. With four public warehouses located throughout Northern California, as well as many of today’s state-of-the-art warehousing logistics tracking systems in place, Prism has set the gold standard of service for warehousing companies.

By offering nearly one million square feet of warehouse space to their customers, it is easy to see why many business owners throughout Northern California are opting to move their inventory into a California distribution center owned by Prism Logistics.

Prism Logistics offers on-site customer service, 24/7 online inventory access, and an in-house fleet to move products throughout the region and beyond.

One of the biggest selling points of Prism Logistics’ warehouse distribution management is how they go about managing their warehouse logistics as an extension of their customer’s operation.  Prism’s team provides ‘best-in-class’ systems and processes, fulfilling a critical operational component of the customer’s supply chain.

Logistics warehouse management should remain invisible to the end consumer so that it reflects well on the business owner. That model has not only served Prism Logistics well over the past 30 years, but it has built a solid level of trust with their individual customers and continued to allow their style of warehouse distribution management to thrive.

Prism Logistics works tirelessly to go the extra mile for their customers with their warehouse distribution management. They do this by providing value-added services not offered by competing warehousing companies. Whether it is shrink wrapping their pallets, product assembly or setting up detailed labeling, Prism Logistics has their customer’s additional needs covered from start to finish. It is the little things that make Prism Logistics the industry leader in warehouse distribution management.

Another great benefit to using Prism Logistics for warehouse distribution management is the partnerships they have developed throughout the years. After nearly three decades in the industry, Prism Logistics knows the businesses that can get the job done as well as the ones that cannot. By driving their customers towards their successful partners and steering them away from those less than optimal performers, Prism Logistics can continue saving their direct customers both time and money.

For more information about Prism Logistics Warehouse and Distribution services, request a quote via the web site ( ), email us at or call (925)838-1691.  Follow Prism Logistics on Facebook at

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