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Prism Celebrates 20th Year as a Warehousing and Logistics Provider

Prism Warehousing and Logistics Celebrates 20th Year

It takes a powerful combination of service, capabilities and teamwork to meet customer needs successfully for a warehouse and logistics company to thrive for twenty years. Since founding Prism Logistics in 1993 Jere Van Puffelen and Paul Van de Roovaart have set the benchmark for what a California distribution center should be because they own and control the business according to their own high standards.

Prism Logistics has grown to four warehousing facilities that are strategically located throughout the Bay Area in Hayward, Sacramento,Stockton and Livermore. Encompassing over 750,000 square feet of capacity, each modern public warehouse facility is capable of receiving, dispersing, pick and pack production, assembly, repackaging, and distribution. The key to customer satisfaction is that Prism takes the word “team” seriously. There is a Customer Service Supervisor in each facility, with customer service representatives who are dedicated to providing on-site support for the accounts served there. Other ingredients in this long record of success include:

  • State-of-the-art warehousing logistics services: Money quickly flies out the window when products sit in a warehouse too long or are mired in transportation problems. Prism continues to invest heavily in 21st century transportation and warehouse distribution management systems so that customer products are quickly received,stored, picked and efficiently disbursed to get where they are going on time.
  • Transportation management services: Prism exercises control over the transportation process with its in-house fleet and major carrier options. Trucking within Northern California is accomplished using Prism’s own fleet of box trucks, three-axle tractors, and trailers. In addition, warehouse customers are eligible for a discounted interstate freight rate. For services beyond Northern California, Prism maintains strong relationships with all major freight carriers.Prism provides an online tracking tool that will track any shipments with carriers that provide a Pro number for shipment tracking.
  • Wide range of fulfillment services: Prism often serves as an extension of the customer’s delivery team with its wide variety of business-to-business or business-to-consumer fulfillment options. With services ranging from pick-and-pack and kitting to light assembly, shrink-wrapping and packaging, Prism adds a vital rapid fulfillment link to any call center or website ordering system. Electronic shipment confirmation files enable customers to maintain control of all shipments through final delivery.

International shippers appreciate the strategic advantage of Prism’s location near the ports of San Francisco and Oakland. When businesses need a warehouse management distribution team that has passed the test of time, they turn to Prism to help their business grow.Skilled individuals working in tandem as a team builds business success for all of us. 

Prism Executives Ensure Logistic Success

jerevanpuffelen Jere Van Puffelen, President Prism Logistics

Past Chairman of the International Warehousing & Logistics Association (IWLA) and co-founder/past president of the Distribution Centers of America (DCA), Jere is a well-known mentor, advisor and contributor to the industry’s leading professional development and networking organizations, as well as a respected SF Bay Area business leader. Founding member and Past President of SF WERC Council. Member of CSCMP.

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