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2015 Fancy Foods Show – NYC: Good Value, Great Event!


Reported by Jeremy Van Puffelen, VP Business Development, PRISM Team Services

Summer Fancy Food Show in New York was an enjoyable week and a great opportunity to learn more about the food industry.

If you own a restaurant, cook for your friends and family, or just like to eat, then this was the place for you. Among thousands of vendors, so much to like! I met so many people, creating new connections and catching up with long term clients. Though not a direct food distributor, PRISM is an important link in the food supply chain. Most items move on trucks and through warehouses to market, and everyone, at some point, needs help with their logistics. The Fancy Food show was a great opportunity for PRISM Team Services and Allied Distribution partners to discuss these opportunities with potential clients and meet current clients in a fun setting where we get to see them showcase their products.

I’m already looking forward to the Winter Show in San Francisco!

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