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PRISM Logistics and Rise Against Hunger Team Up to End Hunger Worldwide


PRISM Logistics has served the logistics and supply chain management community for more than 20 years in Northern California, pioneering new services and investing in capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. PRISM is proud to partner with organizations whose mission is to help people, in Northern California and around the world.

Rise Against Hunger, with its mission to end hunger in our life- time, is a perfect example of collaboration that saves lives.

PRISM Logistics Helps End Hunger

Partnership with Rise Against Hunger Serves Audacious Goal

Ending Hunger Globally Takes Organization, Commitment, and Plenty of Elbow Room!

PRISM Logistics has been working with Rise Against Hunger for the past year as they move toward their goal to end hunger. Around the world it is estimated that nearly 800 million people lack adequate sustenance. Rise Against Hunger is striving to change that by packaging highly nutritious, dehydrated meals comprised of essential nutrients, vegetables and grains, which can be stored for up to two years. This requires space, and a lot of it!

Enter PRISM Logistics which provides storage space in its extended Northern California warehouse facilities for all of the components of Rise Against Hunger’s meals. PRISM receives and inventories all the raw materials which go into meal packing operations through-out Northern California, as far north as Washington, east to Idaho and Colorado. As they are needed, Team Prism pulls ingredients and distributes on-time and to plan for meal packing events, returning any unused items back to the warehouse for storage until needed.

“PRISM has been extremely helpful to us in better understanding how a 3PL works, how we could work with other 3PLs and how to improve operations.”

Mickey Horner, Director Expansion & Supply Chain
Rise Against Hunger

According to Mickey Horner, Director of Expansion & Supply Chain with Rise Against Hunger, based at head- quarters in North Carolina, ‘We’ve taken more of a partnering approach in our relationship with PRISM. They’ve been extremely helpful to us in better understanding how a 3PL works, working with other 3PLs and how we could improve our operations.” rise-against-hunger Horner is responsible for the strategic vision for expansion of the volunteer meal packaging program within the United States and currently oversees a supply chain pilot evaluating alternative logistical models for Rise Against Hunger, including centralized distribution.

Rise Against Hunger’s Northern California operation is the organization’s third most active in terms of events. Last year its Hayward, CA location coordinated 220 meal-packing events and packaged more than 3.3 million meals. A single event at Silicon Valley’s Cisco, as a prime example, involved 500 volunteers, and packaged 100,000 meals in two hours!

“PRISM is a lifesaver!”

Jordan Marvin
N. California Program Manager Rise Against Hunger

Mickey Horner

Mickey Horner, Director Program Expansion & Global Supply Chain for Rise Against Hunger presents to CSCMP San Francisco’s 5th Annual Innovation Event sponsored by PRISM Logistics.

Jordan Marvin, Northern California Program Manager advises that they’re targeting aggressive growth to 70 million meals packaged in Northern California in 2017. Jordan is grateful for the benefits of outsourcing his warehousing operation to PRISM Logistics. “PRISM is a lifesaver! Having to receive, stage, and inventory all the ingredients, all that warehousing takes a lot of time. And every minute we’re in the warehouse is a minute we’re not visible in the market, raising awareness of hunger and poverty and securing commitments to host meal-packaging events that will make a difference in peoples’ lives! PRISM allows us to be more present in the community, which helps us save lives.”

From its humble beginnings as a small, local organization founded by Ray Buchanan in 1998, then known as Stop Hunger Now, Rise Against Hunger has made enormous strides in its mission to end hunger in the world by 2030. Since 2005 the organization has packaged over 300 million meals and focuses on four core pillars: grow the movement, nourish lives, empower communities and respond to emergencies.

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