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PRISM June 2017 Newsletter

PRISM June 2017 Newsletter

PRISM congratulates Rob Nemeth, President Allied Distribution on being named to 2017 Food Logistics’ Champion: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain

Having had a good bit to do with bringing Rob Nemeth aboard to lead business development for Allied Distribution, Prism Logistics’ would like to extend a hearty ‘Congratulations!’ to Rob on becoming a 2017 Food Logistics’ Champion: Rock Star of the Supply Chain!

The Food Logistics’ Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain issue recognizes influential individuals in our industry whose achievements, hard work, and vision have shaped and attained milestones in safety, efficiency, productivity and innovation through the global food supply chain. From early pioneers and entrepreneurs to non-conformist thinkers and executive standouts, this award aims to honor these leaders and their contributions to our industry. Said Jeremy Van Puffelen of Rob Nemeth and the Allied Distribution network of companies,

“It is great seeing this little club we put together a few years back growing and creating the bonds, friendships and results we had all hoped it would. Glad to be a part of such a great group of operators and people.”

Recipients of this year’s 2017 Food Logistics’ Champions: Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award were profiled in the March 2017 issue of Food Logistics, online at www.Food

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