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November Newsletter: Numi Tea & NorCal Fires


Enabling success behind-the-scenes is PRISM Logistics, Numi’s exclusive logistics partner. Not many industries can trace their roots back five millennia, but tea can. Steeped in tea’s rich traditions yet passionate about innovation you’ll find Numi Organic Tea, a company dedicated to bringing the health and wellness properties of this revered beverage to fruition.

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On October 8, 2017, a series of wildfires broke out across drought-stricken Northern California and raged for weeks. Losing more than 40 lives is horrific, but we are forever grateful to the thousands of firefighters who tirelessly worked to prevent further loss of life. California has requested $7.4 billion from the federal government to help with rebuilding; to replace critical infrastructure, mitigate additional disasters associated with wildfires, like mudslides, and provide for the disparate needs of so many affected. We can only imagine how long it will take to repair the nearly 15,000 homes destroyed. Meanwhile, Californians are coming together, as a community, and as family to help those displaced in any way we can.

Along with many from all over the state, PRISM has leveraged both company resources and the talents of our team members to help. As part of a five-company collaboration, we filled multiple box trucks and pickup trucks with water, non-perishable foods, clothes, bedding, paper goods, toiletries, pet food, cleaning supplies, and school supplies and together delivered them to multiple locations across fire-ravaged Northern California.  Thanks to our amazing employees and their friends and family who gave so generously of their time to collect, sort, load and deliver to those in need! We are honored to work with such caring and compassionate people who truly understand that doing well in business is all about doing good in the world.

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