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May 2020 Newsletter


Disruptions, plant shutdowns weigh on food supply chain

Meat, dairy, alcohol and pet food shipments dropped between 10% and 15% over the last month due to coronavirus-related supply chain disruptions and plant closures, according to logistics software company FourKites. The meat processing industry has been particularly affected, with total shipment volume dropping 17% for the week of April 13 versus the peak week of March 23 and a record number of load cancellations the week of April 20.


Sanitized equipment will maintain operators’ health

While many fleet owners have pivoted their processes to keep drivers socially distanced and healthy, manufacturers and warehouse managers have been busy tracking the health not only of their workers, but of their equipment.

The health of equipment, whether forklift or hand truck, is in the hands of the operator, and throughout any given day, the equipment is a central connection point between workers, cargo and downstream customers. So it’s essential to keep it sanitized.


Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace

As areas stabilize from the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home restrictions are lifted, organizations will begin to bring workers back into the physical workplace. It’s already begun in some parts of the world. In fact, as of April 2020, we have helped move our own employees, and those of our clients, back into more than 800 million square feet of properties globally.

The “Recovery Readiness: A How-to Guide for Reopening your Workplace,” outlines some of the best thinking and practices that our more than 53,000 professionals have compiled across the globe and also includes insights from key partners. The recommended practices and protocols already have been implemented at locations across the globe with tremendous success.

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