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August 2020 Newsletter


Addressing Shippers’ Top Concerns

Due to the current uncertainty of the global economy, shippers are experiencing new, unique challenges. As they navigate these challenges, understanding the shifts in consumer behavior and how they impact their supply chain is critical.

While consumer mentality is improving, concerns about COVID-19’s impact on the supply chain are still top of mind for shippers. New concerns and challenges are fueling shippers to shift their strategies and plans for the remainder of 2020 and beyond.


Postal Operators Deliver on E-Commerce

Parcels and cross-border e-commerce take precedence over traditional services, such as mail, for postal operators, according to Escher’s Future of Posts 2020 report. Operators also say they need to continuously manage growing postal e-commerce traffic, with a greater emphasis on the last mile and supporting retailers. The survey results also indicate:

  • Postal networks adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic.¬†An overwhelming 83% of postal operators say they adopted a new approach to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Parcels and cross-border e-commerce are the top priorities.¬†Investment in the parcels business is the No. 1 priority for most postal operators in 2020, which is consistent with Escher’s 2019 survey. Cross-border e-commerce is the second most important investment priority, followed by technology innovation and customer experience.

Convenience Stores Pivot to Meet New Consumer Demands

The U.S. convenience store sector is comprised of large chains like Circle K and 7-Eleven along with many independently owned retail outlets. Although business from consumers going to-and-from work and school has dropped off considerably, the coronavirus pandemic has spurred more visits from consumers who are trying to avoid large, busy supermarkets that contribute to longer visits, more touch points, and more handling of food.

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