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Prism & Numi Tea –
“Activated Allies”

PRISM Logistics is proud to partner as an ‘Activated Ally’ with Numi with whom we share a vision for a better world, and core values that govern our business relationships. We congratulate Numi on its 20th anniversary and its extensive efforts ‘helping communities thrive,’ locally and abroad.

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We celebrate Prism Logistics as a Key Partner, Activated Ally and also a contributor to the causes we believe in.

– Brian Durkee
President of Numi Tea


Not many industries can trace their roots back five millennia, but tea can. Steeped in tea’s rich traditions yet passionate about innovation you’ll find Numi Organic Tea, a company dedicated to bringing the health and wellness properties of this revered beverage to fruition. Enabling success behind-the-scenes is PRISM Logistics, Numi’s exclusive logistics partner.

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PRISM is very responsive. They respond to every request and rise to each occasion with honesty and integrity.

– Dannielle Oviedo
Director of Fulfillment Operations
Numi Organic Tea

Girl Scouts

For decades, PRISM Logistics has served the Girls Scouts of Northern California. working with vendors and the Girl Scout Council to systematize receipt, tracking and reporting, match orders to product, and provide data that enables the ever-popular. Recognition program. At the end of each season, PRISM delivers remaining product to those most in need across the Bay Area as well as our troops.

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Even as PRISM continues to grow, community service is still very much a part of their makeup.

– Samantha Ableski
Senior Director, Product Sales
Girl Scouts of Northern America

Lucky Dog

All natural, tasty Hot Sauce was a hobby for Scott Zalkind, the Founder of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce. Since 2005, he’s gone from developing recipes at his home to launching a retail product marketed all over the US. In 2015 he began a painful search for the right 3PL before choosing PRISM Logistics to support aggressive demand.

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PRISM seems invested in my success and is a strategic partner for my business.

– Scott Zalkind
Lucky Dog Hot Sauce
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