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Warehouse Logistics Excellence, Teamwork and Growth

Headquartered in Northern California, Prism Logistics is renowned for operational excellence and for thriving partnerships with major Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Food & Beverage brands. While helping our clients tackle some of their biggest problems, we’ve been able to pioneer new services along the way.

Our people are our strength.

From the beginning, it’s been the people of Team Prism that built our regional brand and make us all look great.  We’re family-owned and committed to the success of our team and our customers. Each of us is proudest when our customers think of Team Prism as an extension of their own business. Because we are very often the final touch as you deliver to your customers!

Warehouse Logistics Leadership, Excellence and Innovation

In 2014, family-owned Prism Logistics announced a fresh leadership structure, with four owner-partners and a clear succession plan for the company:

Jere Van Puffelen

Jere Van Puffelen

Chairman of the Board
Jeremy Van Puffelen

Jeremy Van Puffelen

Mike Mayo

Mike Mayo

Vice President & General Manager
Zech Van Puffelen

Zech Van Puffelen

VP Transportation and Customer Service

In 2022, Jeremy Van Puffelen was appointed President of the company.

Jeremy Van Puffelen, President of PRISM Logistics

“While there may be some title changes, our commitment to excellence is unchanged. We’ll continue the basic blocking and tackling that’s gotten us to where we are today, and continue to push the envelope on automation, technology and efficiency. It’s our team members that deliver operational excellence and make Prism great. We are committed to providing our team the best support and tools we can so that we all succeed together.”
Jeremy Van Puffelen, President of PRISM Logistics.

Taking the Word Team Seriously

We are a diverse group of people that bring skill, passion, and sincerity to serving you. Our reputation for integrity and quality has been built and is sustained by our team’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

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Three Employees 1200×900
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Prism Pallet

Accolades: Jere Van Puffelen

Jere Van Puffelen co-founded PRISM Logistics in 1993, with a vision to provide for his family by doing the warehouse logistics work he loved.

Since then, Jere and our Leadership Team have remained steadfast in service to others and committed to setting an example of family values and ethical management. We are blessed that both our customers and the industry as a whole have noticed, honoring Jere time and again for his service, excellence, and mentorship.


Distinguished Service & Leadership Award

Annual Service Award

Circle of Excellence

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