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PRISM has more than doubled in size over the past decade and is on track to double again. Centering investment and growth in Stockton, CA and California’s Central Valley.

Prism has grown from its 30,000 square foot start to be the leading Northern California warehouse logistics provider. For a decade, we’ve invested in our team, our facilities, and our service capabilities to support growth and logistics excellence for our customers. Most of that investment and growth are focused on California’s Central Valley and Stockton, CA particularly.

Our team operates multiple facilities in Stockton, CA, (and neighboring Lathrop), in a blend of tightly controlled distribution centers dedicated to the needs of a single customer’s business and multi-client distribution centers serving the extended supply chains of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Food and Beverage brand leaders. We refer to our combined facilities in Stockton campus, where we manage receipt, storage, packaging, inventory management, and order fulfillment for CPG and major food and beverage customers.

Simultaneously, our Stockton campus serves as a hands-on training and development site where we continuously improve and develop team skillsets and capabilities, in tandem with the growing requirements of our customer companies. Our Stockton campus has become an efficient site for training and orientation for new hires as we grow, in fact, our central onboarding operation for new Team Prism members. A majority of Team Prism workforce lives in the more affordable and desirable surrounds of Stockton, CA for many years, which has made the area a ’no-brainer’ choice for Prism as customers expressed interest in growing there.

Our Stockton Campus

These four facilities comprise a state-of-the-art training facility for our team, building solid foundations for new team members that uphold our standards for quality and caring service and ‘can-do’ attitude. The proximity of the locations allows for hands-on training in both client-dedicated and multi-client warehouse, and an opportunity to build understanding of every aspect of warehouse logistics from scanning on receipt to on-the-floor value-add operations and packaging, sequencing to inventory management, tracking and reporting for customers.

The four locations go by names taken from the streets they are located on: Pearlman, Pearlman II, Frontier and Runway. From our Stockton campus PRISM effectively and efficiently serves the major ports of Northern California without the high cost and dense traffic of typical metropolitan locations.


Perlman Drive
3535 Perlman Drive
Stockton, CA 95206

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PRISM Stockton Perlman Main 399×265Perlman 012

Perlman Drive
3656 Perlman Drive
Stockton, CA 95206

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Stockton Frontier OutsidePrism Large Variety Interior Preview

Frontier Way
4686 Frontier Way
Stockton, CA 95215

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Runway Drive
1030 Runway Drive
Stockton, CA 95206

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Strategically Located

CPG customers prefer California’s Central Valley location to the SF Bay Area primarily for reasons of cost efficiency. With more than a million sq ft across our facilities in Stockton CA, PRISM offers its customers the best of both worlds: leading in capacity and efficiency with optimized routes outside daily traffic patterns to/from the SF Bay Area. At PRISM we value the people who make up our team and always strive to build the best environment for our PRISM family.  Our Stockton campus is a shining example of investment in a region that is optimal for both customers and team members.

Every PRISM facility is strategically located for quick access to major port complexes, railways, highways, and metropolitan markets. Our modern facilities, state-of-the-science systems, and highly trained personnel allow us to manage inventory and rapid market response for some of the largest, best-known companies in the world.


Each of our facilities is strictly monitored and held to the highest of industry standards: ISO 9001 compliant, AIB certified food grade and Organic and Pharmaceutical certified. These certifications are an integral part of our mission to provide the best service possible.

In addition to continuous improvement effort managed by our top-notch logistics professionals, Team PRISM works with independent, external organizations to ensure your experience with us will be of the highest caliber.

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